Ayurveda Bhavan: Day 3


This mornings outing to go watch the sunset from Kunjapuri Temple was amazing. I mentioned in our last post that in order to arrive on time we had to be ready by 4am. Because my brain is vindictive and sometimes hates me, I of course was unable to sleep much the evening before. Last I had looked at the clock it was 2:30 am and it felt like I blinked and my alarm was going off at 3:30. In spite of my exhaustion, I was still super excited to travel up the mountain and was not disappointed.P1000086

The view in the early morning of the Himalayas was absolutely beautiful. I am so happy that the manager at Ayurveda Bhavan, Yashwant, suggested for us to 3wake up early to experience such an epic view. The temple itself was bustling with Rhebus Monkeys carrying their adorable babies on the hunt for food. We have plenty of experience in visiting countries where monkeys are everywhere, so we know to not leave belongings laying about…one visitor was not so lucky. We watched as a monkey snatched his bag of cookies and made a break for it. The visitor and us all shared a laugh as the monkey ran off with his prize.

The Sunrise was everything we had hoped for and filled me with gratitude for the life I get to live. When we returned from the mountain, it was time for breakfast. The food that has been prepared for us, thus far, has been stellar. It takes an open mind to try dishes when you have no idea what you’re eating but the staff are very skilled. On our first day, we were asked if we had any food allergies but beyond that we have put ourselves in their very capable hands.

Since my lack of sleep was catching up to me, I decided to take a nap before beginning the day’s treatments. The healing massage was once again hypnotic and soothing. Today’s treatment also included an exfoliating scrub that left my skin feeling like a baby’s bum. I thanked the staff for their diligent work and set off to the dining room for lunch.

A few hours after lunch, I took the opportunity to try out the daily juices they offer to bridge the gap between lunch and dinner. I had the option of coconut water, watermelon or pomegranate juice. I tried the coconut which was refreshing and helped stifle my sweat on this very hot day.

After Dinner, I decided it was a good idea to call it an early night since I have been running on fumes. My experience so far has been very positive and the staff have gone above and beyond to make sure I have everything I need. I am now off to bed but can’t wait to share tomorrow’s experiences with you all.


We awoke in the darkness of early morning in order to go see the sunrise over the Himalayan mountains from Kunjapuri Temple.  Our taxi driver (arranged through Ayurveda Bhavan) arrived promptly at 4am to escort Javier, one other guest and myself to the famous temple. We arrived with plenty of time to set up our cameras and take in the gorgeous mountains surrounding us.IMG_7862

The sunrise was breathtaking, and I felt an overall sense of calm watching the colors of the sky change before my eyes.  Shutters of cameras snapped all around me as I watched the sun creep over one of Himalayan mountain peaks.

My awareness was brought back to what was physically next to me when a Rhebus monkey and her small baby decided to come and show off for all of the tourists in the area.  The baby was no larger then the size of my hand, and was ridiculously adorable.  It played with everything it could get its hands on including parts of coconut husks, sticks and rocks while climbing all over it’s mother and the bench they were occupying.

When we returned to the center it was time for another fresh and tasty breakfast before another round of amazing treatments.  My treatment today consisted of Abhyanga, Shirodhara,  Navara Kiri similar to yesterday, and a Matra basti was added. Matra Basti is a small enema using herbal infused oil, or Mahanarayan oil.  Mahanarayan oil is used in most Ayurvedic treatments and is made from over twenty Ayurvedic herbs that grow naturally in India.

Basti (the Ayurvedic word for enema) are an essential part of the detoxification process of Panchakarma.  Basti are known to help improve: constipation, fevers and colds, sexual disorders, renal colic, back pain, arthritis, headaches, rheumatism, gout and many more bodily dysfunctions.  Basti help strengthen the immune system, increase energy, improve skin complexion while removing toxins from the entire body.

The idea of an oil infused enema may not sound appealing to everyone, and to be honest I was a bit anxious to have the procedure.  However, the therapists that have been working with me since my first day are incredibly professional, gentle and caring.  The process was not uncomfortable in anyway thanks to those wonderful women.

I was ready for lunch after my procedure, and was not disappointed. Lunch is the largest meal of the day at Ayurveda Bhavan, and I am not shy to make sure my plates are perfectly cleaned.  Each delicious and satisfying lunch that we have been served consists of a variety of vegetarian combinations that assist in the detoxification process.  Cilantro has made an appearance in almost all of the hot lentil or mixed lentil and vegetable dishes to my delight.P1000042

The weather has been quite hot since our arrival so we have spent most of our days in the comfort of our air-conditioned room resting, relaxing and enjoying our detoxification process.

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