Ayurveda Bhavan: Day 4


I awoke fairly early this morning in order to receive my first Sodhana basti, or also known as large oil enema. Basti treatments play an incredibly important role in the detoxification process of the Pachakarma.

Basti treatments cleans the colon, and nourish the body from the inside using Ayurvedic herbal oils.  They are very effective at treating a wide array of health ailments, for example headaches, nervous disorders, backaches, exhaustion, while improving the color of the skin and restoring vitality.

In preparation for my treatment, I could not have breakfast which was a bit of a struggle. I always wake up very hungry, so I tried to sleep in until the very last possible moment before attending my appointment.

Sodhana basti treatments are always completed in the morning to ensure an empty stomach for maximum cleansing results, and are given after your daily Ayurvedic massages.  My Matra basti went well yesterday, so I was not anxious when it came time for my Sodhana Basti.  The two therapist that have been providing me with my treatments, Babita and Ritu have been nothing but wonderful to me, and once again they put me at ease during and after my treatment.

Dr. Vidya requested to see me immediately following my treatment to check-in.  I have been experiencing a bad headache from the previous day, so she administered some herbal Ayurvedic medicine to be taken after breakfast and dinner.  The doctor advised me to rest as much as possible, and to stay out of the sun for the remainder of the day.  This would definitely not be a problem, because the weather has been terribly hot between 39-42 degrees Celsius, or 102-107 degrees Fahrenheitplushumidity.  I then hurried to the kitchen for breakfast to ease my angry and empty belly before returning to my room to escape the heat.IMG_8082

Once in the comfort of my air-conditioned room, I found myself reflecting on my emotional status and realized that I had been on edge, and downright irritable since my second day at the facility.  Thankfully I have a loving, supportive partner to lean on and to help me when my emotions have been unstable.

We had been fairly warned that the detoxification process may not be an easy one, and that we could experience a number of emotional charges (sadness, anger, frustration etc.) or other emotional ailments during the process.  This is not my first time attending a holistic detox retreat, so I was familiar with some of the potential side effects.


After several days of treatment, I was feeling a bit of discomfort. It is a normal byproduct when detoxing your body but I still felt it was worth expressing to the staff. The doctor was more than happy to meet with me to re-examine my treatment plan. His level of patience and the fact that he always makes himself available to guest put me at ease. He told me his door is always open and encouraged me to never hesitate to ask questions.

The day we arrived, the side effects of the treatments were explained. Detoxification can stir up many emotions such as anger, sadness and irritability. As your body heals itself, everything that is bottled up is released. Today was the first day I experienced these results but because I had been forewarned, I accepted what I was feeling with the knowledge that I was strengthening my overall health.

The heat has been very intense, which I believe has exacerbated my symptoms a bit. It was so hot today, that we remained indoors most of the day. The air conditioning in the rooms work great, but unfortunately the local power grid is subject to power outages. Staying indoors with no clothes and taking frequent showers was how I dealt with the extreme weather. The manager was very apologetic but I assured him that I understood that he had no control of the power outages. This is not a luxury spa, it’s a healing center and one should not be fussy but rather show gratitude for the opportunity to improve your overall wellness.

One of the biggest things that cheered me up when I was struggling was the newborn kittens that reside on the property. We learned that their mother was taken into town to visit the vet and ran away. To everyone’s surprise, she found her way back from 2km away and was reunited with her kittens. It was decided that from now on, the vet would be making house calls. There’s nothing quite like the comfort you get from animals. These beautiful little creatures brightened my day.P1000153

Overall, today was a good day. As I mentioned, I struggled a bit with some restlessness and frustration but in the end I looked at the big picture. Pain, discomfort and problems are all relative and one should not feel guilt for feeling the emotions attached to them. Although, I do believe that it is productive to try to focus on the positive. I’m living a wonderful life that I never expected to lead. I have a loving and patient partner. I am in a center that is helping me better myself and I have a platform to reach an endless amount of people. When I look at everything I have, it puts into perspective just how trivial and temporary any negative emotions that arise are. I’m grateful to Ayurveda Bhavan for providing the treatments and setting for me to become the best version of myself.

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