How to Monetize Your Instagram Account

How does monetization work on Instagram?  There are three main ways to earn money on Instagram:

  • Selling a Service (photography, fitness-coaching, web-design, videography, etc)
  • Selling Products
  • Sponsorships


Selling a service on Instagram is the very best way to earn top dollars.  There is no overhead, and your reach on Instagram can go further then other social media platforms. What is your marketable skill that you would like to promote? Don’t limit yourself! Our students have earned $1,000-$5,000 a week, and with the right motivation you can too!

The possibilities are endless on one of the fastest growing social media platform besides FB.  Instagram hit 1 billion users this year, and continues to go strong.  According to Hootsuite Instagram will bring in $6.84 billion dollars in revenue this year alone.  Are you ready to dive in?

My partner and I can guide you 1:1 to start earning today, and you don’t need any special  skills, digital or otherwise to do so.  Anyone can start earning money from Instagram with any size following.  Contact us here for more information.


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