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Instagram Sponsorships

So how do sponsorships work on Instagram work anyway?  As successful influencers on Instagram my partner and I get this question all the time. Your value on Instagram can either stem from your following or your level of engagement, and if you have both then you’re golden.

But first I have to burst a few bubbles.  You are not likely to earn a livable wage from sponsorships until you have a major following, which can take time and effort to build (however you can monetize your Instagram account at any level, read more about it here).

How Many Followers Do You Need For a Sponsorship?

In general, most companies will begin to consider you worthy of a sponsorship once you’ve hit 5,000 followers on Instagram.  We didn’t start seeking out sponsorships until we had reached 9k followers.

The first sponsored item I received was a custom made bikini valued at $250 USD, and in exchange I was asked to provide at least one post on Instagram, and pictures they could post on their social media pages.


The bathing suit was something I needed, I didn’t have to pay for it, and would also in turn bring me more exposure on Instagram through a popular business. Not bad for our first try!

Sponsorships Get Better

As your following increases sponsorships and the value of the sponsorships increase.  Once we hit 10,000 followers we were able to get a free portable international Wi-Fi device that we can use in over 150 countries with 15 days of internet provided, in exchange for promotional content.  We have built an on-going exchange partnership with them, where we trade content (pictures) for free days of internet.  The device itself is valued at $150 USD, and each 24-hour day of Wi-Fi normally costs $9 USD.

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At 15,000 followers on Instagram we received a pair of handmade leather sandals, and a gorgeous hand made leather purse valued at $500 USD, in exchange for picture posts on Instagram.

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Around this time we also were offered various free products (wine glasses, special LED lights, clothing, etc) and payments between $50-$150 USD for posting pictures of their items on Instagram.  Alternatively companies ask us to post stories and we can charge at least $20 USD.

Travel Sponsorships

When we reached 25,000 followers on Instagram we received our best sponsorship to date, a 2-week trip to India with accommodation, food, yoga, and daily Ayurvedic treatments (2-hour massages) in exchange for promotional content.

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The last two days in India we reached out to an amazing tour agency for a second sponsorship.  They provided us with a over night stay in a 5 star hotel, a private driver, and a private tour guide for the Taj Mahal and surrounding areas in Agra in exchange for promoting them.

Anyone can be a successful influencer on Instagram with the right know-how and guidance.  What took my partner and I nine months to figure out and build, we can teach you in 3-weeks.

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