A visit and a heartbreak

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At this point all of our attention was clearly here in Italy, on the present, trying to move forward. To make our move possible, our cat Meka was sent to live with my family in Auburn until we could get ourselves sorted out.  Someone, either family or friend would bring Meka to us within a few months of being in Italy.  It turns out that person is one of my best friends, Bryan. After we initially settled his ticket and first batch of paperwork for Meka, we didn’t think it needed any more attention and didn’t give it a second thought.  Just days before Bryan should have been boarding a plane with our little ball of floof, we discovered that we missed one of the requirements for her paperwork and she would not be coming yet.

My heart broke into pieces.  Leading up to this day we had celebrated being reunited with her.   At risk of sounding like pathetic cat people it must be said, Meka is like a child to us. Animals provide unconditional love and comfort like nothing else, and if you have never had a pet you may not understand how extremely disappointed we were.  This development was obviously saddening but we tried not to let it effect our excitement for seeing Bryan.

After a day of mourning from our oversight, we changed gears to solution mode.  Thankfully my mom agreed to bring our cat when she visits us in a few months.  Now we could return our focus to registering ourselves with the correct Comune, and having as much fun with Bryan as possible.

We collected Bryan in Milan late in the evening, and drove to Florence early the next morning.  We laid out a perfect plan for his visit, making sure we could fit in as much as possible with our time and our budgets. Our itinerary included an overnight stay in San Quirico d’Orcia to visit Terme Bagno Vignoni, Pisa, a brief stop in Amsterdam, a day trip to Rome and several days to explore Firenze.  The only item we had to work around was an appointment at the Comune.

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