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On our recent trip to Maldives, we were able to test of the August Trek Full-Face Snorkel Mask. I was very impressed with the functionality and simple set-up. In the last few years there has been a saturation of full-face snorkel mask on the market and some of them have received negative reviews. The August Trek Full-Face Snorkel Mask stands apart from it’s competitors because of their commitment to producing the best quality outdoor products. 

The Lens

When you find yourself in environments that are bustling with marine life, having a snorkel mask you can trust is important. The 180-degree view that you get with the August Trek Full-Face Snorkel Mask lets you enjoy all the aquatic life unrestricted.


Many mask claim to have an anti-fog lens but August Trek delivered on this claim. Anyone who snorkels or dives usually relies on their spit and ocean water or anti-fogging solution to prevent fogging. I took this into the ocean everyday, for a week, and didn’t have issues. 

Safe Oxygen Flow

The biggest concern when inferior full-faced mask hit the market was the build up of Carbon Dioxide. The August Trek Full-Face Snorkel Mask has a two-way filtration system that expels Carbon Dioxide while letting in Oxygen. Breathing in the mask felt natural and unrestricted. I would recommend this mask for leisure snorkeling 


The durably constructed mask ways just over a pound. It was easy to assemble and immediately hit the water. It has a detachable camera mount that I put to use to capture great footage and images of the Indian ocean. There are also quick release buckles that make getting your mask off simple.

Our Overall Experience

The biggest complaints I’ve heard about full-face mask involve breathing and equalizing. As I mentioned previously, the breathing felt natural. Typically, when you dive, you have to pinch your nose and blow to equalize as you travel deeper into the ocean. We didn’t experience this issue while testing out the mask. I suspect because we never swam below 10ft which is when we tend to equalize. If you are snorkeling in an area rich with activity at shallow depths, this mask is the perfect piece of hardware.

All-in-all we used this mask daily and loved it on our lazy days in calm water. We will continue to enjoy it for all our shallow depth excursions. If you have been thinking about trying a full-face mask, then we recommend trying the August Trek Full-Face Snorkel. You can find yours here.

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