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Bangkok Food Tours

Bangkok Food Tours (BFT) is the first and currently the only tour company to offer a motorbike street food tour in Bangkok. Bangkok is a city that must be experienced at least once on a motorbike. Motorbikes and street food are synonymous with this world famous city and the tour fully embraces the local lifestyle by showing visitors how they experience their city.

Riding on a Motorbike

Riding a motorbike can be a little intimidating in such a bustling city, but luckily you have a professional driver to escort you and make you feel safe and secure. The street food options throughout Bangkok are endless, which can make choosing a meal a bit daunting. Thankfully the guides at BFT take out the guesswork and bring you to some of the best local favorites.


First Stop

The tour begins with a meet-up point and a brief explanation on what to expect. At the end of the tour you are provided with a free ride back to your hotel. We had a blast and recommend anyone visiting the city to give BFT a try. We would like to share our experience and why we fully endorse Bangkok Food Tours.

The first stop on our tour brought us to enjoy a typical Bangkok breakfast, consisting of fried chicken wings and sticky rice. The wings were wonderfully crispy and topped with fried garlic and fresh scallions; and the sticky rice was a perfect side to scoop up all the delicious crunchy bits.


Second Stop

The second stop on our tour brought us to try delicious Thai hot pots. Hot pots can be found all over Bangkok and we learned that they are a favorite dish locals order when hanging out with friends. As we prepared our hot pot, our tour guide explained the native ingredients that go in the dish and why each is added. The broth was rich and the meat was exceptionally tender.

We traveled to a different part of the city to enjoy our next meal, which included sautéed chives, crispy pork, Penang curry and a beef and pork broth. The flavors were very diverse and it left us feeling very satisfied.

Third Stop

After eating our way through town we gave our stomachs a break and visited the most famous holy spot in the city. Our guide explained that local residents leave offerings such as flowers, drinks, and fruit for good fortune.

Before we arrived we stopped along the way to visit a local open-air market where we picked up bouquets of marigold flowers, a traditional offering (you are not required to participate). In addition to flowers, the market offered raw ingredients such as seafood, herbs, fruits, and vegetables. Our guide educated us on how each ingredient is used in Thai cuisine.

Final Stop

Our final stop brought us to the famous night train market. This open-air market is filled with vendors selling everything from street food, to apparel and electronics. We enjoyed several treats but the main course consisted of barbecued catfish stuffed with lemongrass and various Thai herbs. The fish was perfectly cooked and the green spicy dipping sauce was amazing. Some of the braver guest on the tour tried some of the various insects available at the market. After our meal we were given the opportunity to explore on our own before meeting up for a nightcap at one of the bars with a view of the market.

Our tour guide’s knowledge and in depth explanations of everything we ate made our journey fully immersive and memorable. Not only did we get to try a large variety of Bangkok street food, we were also able to see various districts of the city that we may not have visited on our own. Additionally we were provided explanations of the local history of each of the neighborhoods we visited. Unless you have friends who live in the city, Bangkok Food Tours offer the most immersive way to experience the city the way the locals do.

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