The Best Breakfast Sandwich in East Los Angeles

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Division 3

Glassell Park in Los Angeles is home to the best breakfast sandwich I have ever eaten. Division 03 is a small eatery easily overlooked, being nestled in a mostly residential neighborhood. They offer several menu items, including various delicious brews, but for me it is all about their breakfast sandwiches. Division has been operating for the last few years and have developed a dedicated following of locals and visitors from surrounding neighborhoods. A breakfast sandwich in general can seem like an unremarkable subject for a post but they are that good. What makes these items stand apart? Aside from the consistency and great service, here are the main selling points.

The Biscuits

If you are deciding to serve a sandwich on a biscuit, they better be something special. The operators obviously understand this because their biscuits are the perfect vehicle for this delicious meal. They are flaky and buttery without being too heavy or greasy. The pockets of air in the biscuits make for the most amazing crunch in each bite. The flaky texture is the perfect contrast to the soft egg, which is another reason to try this meal.IMG_8066

Perfectly cooked egg

The eggs are cooked just until the white is set and the yolk is nice and runny. At the slightest amount of pressure, the rich yolk runs and coats the sandwich, soaking into the flaky crust of the biscuits.

Generous Portion

There are several option for the breakfast sandwich, my favorite is the chorizo. The chorizo is closer to the Spanish variety rather than ground Mexican chorizo. It is in a link, split in half and placed on the egg. The chorizo is then topped with a healthy serving of Avocado. This all adds up to a very generous portion that leaves you satisfied and wishing you had room for one more.

Sauce on the Side

As a matter of personal taste, I’m not a fan of the sauce that comes on the sandwich. Taste is subjective but I would be remiss if I did not fully disclose my opinion of this dish. I would suggest getting the sauce on the side to decide for yourself. Either way, this is one great sandwich.IMG_8059

Division 03 has a small patio in the back but it does fill up rather quickly. They are a pet friendly establishment with a warm staff who are very accommodating. They have a variety of options beyond breakfast sandwiches, including a lunchtime menu. Take the trip to Glassell park and follow the long trail of hipsters to this wonderful local eatery, you will not be disappointed.


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