Holy Grounds Coffee and Tea

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Holy Grounds Coffee and Tea

In various parts of Los Angeles, the growing gentrification has become a hot button issue. There are so many “hipster” establishments that don’t really embrace the communities in which they set up shop. Thankfully, Holy Grounds coffee and tea not only embraces the community, they embody it. Located in El Sereno, the oldest neighborhood in Los Angeles, it’s décor and overall vibe is a reflection of the predominately Chicano community.  Everything from the beautiful mosaic tiles to the Dia de los Muertos decorations speak to their connection to the locals who call this town home.

Holy grounds opened in 2012 and quickly became a favorite of anyone who happened upon it. In late 2016, a drunk driver crashed into the business causing them to shut down for an entire year. I am happy to report that they have reopened and are once again providing delicious brews in a hip, culturally significant environment. Here are some of the reasons that make this place so special.IMG_8139

The Coffee and Tea

Delicious flavors and great prices make this the perfect place to get a drink. Their baristas are knowledgeable, friendly and happy to help you select a tasty beverage. You won’t find an over bloated menu here, just some delicious favorites of both hot and cold brews.

Commitment to Local Businesses

In a nutshell, their mission statement is to buy local, reduce their carbon footprint, and to create economic growth and opportunities within their community. Their commitment is quite clear when you see the list of vendors they do business with. Homeboy bakery, the worlds largest and most successful gang intervention and rehabilitation program, provide their breads. Their coffee comes from Gaviana & sons, a Los Angeles company since 1967. They also work with El Aguila bakery, Create your own Health, Highway Highlands Farm and Good Mexican Girl, all local businesses.

The Interior

Capturing the most beautiful contributions from Mexican culture, the interior is gorgeous to behold. You would never be able to tell from the outside that there is a picturesque open air interior courtyard with plenty of seating. You will also find a custom made fountain, plenty of comfortable seating framed by various plants, bougainvillea and statues.  There is a dedicated corner for artisanal items for sale ranging from beauty products, to paintings, and much more.  You may also find a sketch book that local artists or any visitor can leave a contribution in.


In the upper patio there is a beautiful stage with a stained glass backdrop. This stage is host to several community events including live concerts, open mics and comedy shows.

Holy Grounds is great just on the merit of their beverages but they offer so much more to the community. It’s refreshing to see a business by locals and for locals to do so well. You don’t have to be from the neighborhood to enjoy this establishment but its nice to know that as a patron you are helping to support and promote local growth. Visit Holy Grounds Coffee and Tea to show your support to a company that has invested in the people that they serve.


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