Best Clothing and Home Goods Deals in Los Angeles

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CCM California Liquidators

Most residents of the United States probably know that businesses like Ross, Nordstrom Rack, TJ Max and Marshalls are great stores to seek out brand name merchandise at bargain prices.  If you’re looking for unbelievable deals that can beat any of these competitors, you must explore CCM California Liquidators. Here you will find liquidated items from popular retail stores such as GAP, Banana Republic, and Target with items ranging from apparel, hygiene, electronics, shoes to household goods. CCM California liquidators is located in the city of Commerce nearby the Citadel outlet stores roughly 15 minutes from downtown LA.

Here are some useful tips when shopping at CCM:


The prices you can find at CCM are the cheapest I have ever encountered. On a recent visit I purchased several Banana Republic men’s pants for 2 dollars a piece. You can find socks for 50 cents a pair and many other unbelievable values throughout the store.

First Come First Serve

Because of the incredible value, many locals have begun to line up in the early morning hours in order to have first pick. It will take time to sort through the endless variety of merchandise, and customers are only allowed in groups of 5 at a time to control the flow. Showing up early is the best way to ensure a successful visit as well as a parking spot.IMG_8055

All Sales Are Final

The only downside to CCM is that everything is “buyer beware”. There are no returns so make sure you are confident in your purchase before leaving the store. Luckily there are plenty of fitting rooms to try on clothes. Most household boxed items also have out of the box displays to inspect when deciding on a purchase.

Be Vigilant With Your Cart

Unfortunately, when you find bargains this great, inevitably you run into customers that treat it like black Friday. I have witnessed unattended shopping carts having items removed by fellow customers.

Huge Inventory

The location is within a warehouse and has plenty to choose from, the clothing department being the largest. There are also a numbers of sections such as household and kitchen items, outdoor, toys, shoes, toiletries, and electronics.

There are plenty of places to find deals but in my opinion CCM is truly a gem. If you don’t mind getting up a little early to beat the crowds, I highly recommend paying them a visit. I saw many parents do all of their Christmas shopping buying toys found in major retailers such as Target but for only a fraction of the price. I walked out with an entire wardrobe of designer clothing for $50. CCM is a great find that is still relatively unknown to people other than locals. See for yourself and experience the best deals in town.


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