The Best Eggrolls (and cheapest) in Los Angeles

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Banh Mi & Che Cali

Banh Mi & Che Cali is one of Los Angeles’ best place for cheap delicious eggrolls. However, you may find some controversy surrounding this place in online forums.  I have read reviews from loyal customers singing its praises and have seen people speaking very negatively about them.  I go there strictly for the eggrolls and have never been disappointed.  If you decide to try the other menu options; you can judge for yourself.  They have more than just eggrolls at great prices.  They offer tons of fresh and freshly packaged food to enjoy inside or at home. Here are some of the other items that people frequent this restaurant in search of.IMG_8664


There are several Banh mi choices and they are buy 2 get one free. Costing only $3.50 a piece, they are worth a try.


You can look directly into the kitchen to see stocks and noodles prepared from scratch. Although I’ve read poor reviews about cleanliness, I’ve never witnessed anything that would prevent me from dining here.IMG_8659

Pre-Package Items

When you enter you will see several staff members preparing to go items from scratch, for the consistent stream of customers.  There are endless ready made options to choose from and nothing ever sits on the counter for long because of the steady flow of locals.

Tea Station

They have a milk tea station where you can find a wide variety of flavors including different types of boba. The drinks are then sealed so you can drink them later without losing the fresh flavor.

This place is a great bargain and is a favorite of the heavily Asian demographic residing in San Gabriel Valley.  Every time I stop in for eggrolls the place is always packed, so they must be doing something right. Next time you are in Alhambra, stop in for an eggroll.


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