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Finding the best gelato in Italy can be tough, but what about the best gelato in the world? The Gelato Festival is making it possible to crown the supreme gelato with your help.  

For the last 10 years gelato artisans from across Italy have come to test their skill in the annual Gelato Festival. In 2013 the competition was opened up to gelato artisans around the world.  

The merit of the gelato submissions are judged by visitors of the festival. Admission to the event allows you to vote for your favorites.

This annual tradition will culminate in 2020 with the naming of the Gelato Festival World Master.

Gelato Festival Locations

The Gelato Festival began in Florence in 2010. This years locations include Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria, Poland, England and the United States.

The Florence, Italy edition takes place April 6-7. This will be followed by Rome, Milan and Turin. For a full listing of all participating locations and dates, please visit here.

How Much Gelato am I Allowed to Eat?

Purchasing your ticket means that you get to try every flavor in the competition, including some extras. Last years Florence event left us so full, we weren’t even able to finish everything! Be sure to bring your appetite.

What is so Special About Gelato?

The most direct translation of the Italian word gelato, is “ice cream” but there are stark differences between the frozen treats.

The good news is gelato is actually healthier for you then ice cream! For me this takes the ‘which is better gelato vs ice cream’ debate off the table completely. 

Heavy cream is the key ingredient used to make ice cream, while gelato is mostly made from milk. Gelato also rarely uses egg yolk like ice cream.

The end result makes gelato a denser, more powerfully flavored treat that has been tantalizing taste buds across the globe.

Is the Best Gelato in Italy?

If you ask any Italian, I’m sure the the answer will typically be yes and for good reason. The creators of this delicious treat have been honing their skills for generations.

Surprisingly, the current top 10 rankings for the Gelato Festival also include Canada and Australia.

Best Gelato Near me

The art of gelato making has spread to several different countries. The Gelato Festival near you is the perfect opportunity to experience this for yourself.

Friends enjoying gelato.

With worldwide events, you just may discover that the best gelato is closer than you think.

Gelato Festival World Ranking

The Festival began in Florence in 2010 but who knows where this years rankings will effect the grand champions of 2020.

You not only have the chance to taste amazing gelato, you also have the opportunity to vote on the flavors. What is the best gelato flavor? Who makes the best gelato? Visit the next event to cast your vote for the winner.

Follow the links for more info on finding authentic gelato in Italy and our favorite shops in Florence.

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