BKK Airport’s Best Food

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Food at Bangkok Airport

On a recent trip to Bangkok, we found ourselves stuck at the airport for 13 hours. The best revelation that came from this was the discovery of the “street food” food court. Airport food is not something that I would normally describe as memorable. Typically, I try to avoid eating at the airport all together but if you find yourself stuck at BKK, this is the place to eat.

My biggest issues with airport food in general is the over priced food of questionable quality. This is an issue I’ve found to be true the world over, with few exceptions. It is quiet a shock being in Bangkok, paying 2usd for a bowl of curry in the street and 8usd at the airport. The street food court on the 1st floor of bkk helps to bridge this divide.IMG_3347

Purchase Your Food Coupons

When you enter, you are sold a coupon book that has vouchers you can use to purchase goods from the various vendors. You will find many of the popular Thai dishes that Bangkok is famous for. The cost is very affordable and the options make you feel like you came from a night market. Each stall serving savory foods also a plethora of condiments free of charge.

Attendants are constantly moving through the dining area, cleaning and clearing tables. In the area where you gather your utensils, there is boiling water to make sure your silverware is absolutely sanitized. There are both savory and sweet stands to satisfy your hunger.IMG_3341

Airport food is not high on my list in general but sometimes you need a bite to eat while waiting for a flight. If you find yourself forced to eat airport food in BKK, try the street food court. Both your wallet and belly will be happy that you did.




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