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Where the Story Begins

In 1972 Ronn Simpson planted the seeds of what would later become Brand X Huaraches The business began as a street vendor stand on the corner of Telegraph and Durant in Oakland, California. By 1976 Ronn and his wife Marcela were able to purchase a building on the corner of Telegraph and 43rdwhere it remains home base for Brand X Huaraches to this day.

Ronn was exposed to the traditional Mexican sandals (huaraches) during summers spent in Mexico. Over the years, the company has stayed committed to producing high quality products by using the same techniques learned from “huaracheros”. The sandals are all hand-made from a single strand of leather and employ vegetable tanning to produce vibrant colors. One of the best parts of huaraches is that the leather molds to your foot, creating a perfect fit.IMG_4985

Local Connection

Growing up in Oakland, Briana spent her childhood seeing artisanal goods sold by street vendors around town. She lived right around the corner from where Brand X Huaraches was born. In her early 20’s she lived in Mexico for 2 years and saw huaraches being sold by leather workers and fell in love with them.

As a child and young adult, I spent plenty of time in Mexico. I have been wearing huaraches since I was a kid and have always loved the custom fit that they provide. As a person of Mexican decent, it’s great to see huaraches gaining popularity outside of Mexico.IMG_5003

Discovering Brand X Huaraches brought back memories of both childhood and early adulthood for Briana and myself. Their humble beginnings and dedication to preserving the age old leather working techniques found throughout Mexico make Brand X Huaraches a company that we are happy to support. Visit their website where you will not only find huaraches but also beautiful leather handbags.

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