Celebrating New Years Eve in Florence

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Spending New Years Eve in Florence, Italy

This is an overview of all the things you should expect when ringing in the New Year in Florence, Italy.

Things rarely start on time

With so many events throughout the city, it is tempting to try to visit several of the festivities. Keep in mind that nothing ever starts on time and you may be limited to one attraction before the midnight hour.3f6c8456-5de1-4d1c-adb8-b6da56099843

Glass is Banned

Marketed as a call for safety in the densely trafficked piazzas, the ban on glass containers is anything but that. It is true that places like Piazzale Michelangelo will confiscate wine bottles when you enter, but you can purchase them from vendors once you get in. In fact, as you walk through the city you will find people pushing shopping shopping carts full of various glass alcoholic beverages for sale.

Plan Ahead

Like any major city, post New Years Eve celebrations are where taxi services make a killing. Unfortunately, there are not enough taxis to accommodate the demand. Taxis will also decide not to take your fare if they think they can make more money off another group of customers. Make plans ahead of time or you may find yourself walking home.IMG_9536

Limited Bus Service

Buses stop running earlier than usual but some piazzas do have shuttle services set up. The tram is also a viable option for getting to the center of the city. Detailed info can be found on ATAF website a few days before the new year.IMG_9581

Be Vigilant

An unfortunate byproduct of the huge celebration is the rise of pickpocketing throughout the city. I would not say it is dangerous but like any other time, it is good to keep an eye on belongings and keep valuables zipped up when pushing through crowds, shoulder to shoulder with a sea of people.

Florence is a great place to celebrate the New Year all throughout the city. Just about every Piazza within the centro storico has some event taking place. You can find several genres of musical performances and many restaurants host celebrations as well. The energy in the air is palpable and It’s one of the few nights a year that you will see locals celebrating and drinking as much as the tourist. Being able to see the amazing light displays projected on monuments such as the Ponte Vecchio and Palazzo Vecchio is unreal. Florence is an amazing city to visit anytime of the year but being here at the beginning of a new year when the whole city is lit up with lights and positive energy is an opportunity not to be missed.

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