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We recently had the opportunity to join a day trip with Creative Edge Travel. The owner of this unique travel company, Sierra, takes her passion for authentic travel and creates unforgettable experiences for her guests.

Our day began with us meeting Sierra and the rest of the group at Porta Romana in Florence. Sierra told us the story of how she fell in love with Italy and was always interested in the path less traveled. She found that she had an affinity for planning trips. She also learned that creating the same experiences for others was deeply fulfilling. Her infectious enthusiasm set the tempo for the rest of the day.IMG_6439

Our Driver was a charming Florentine named Fabio. His wit and knowledge of local history made the scenic drive both informative and fun. We passed through the town of Impruneta in the Tuscan countryside, which is famous for their terracotta pottery. We learned, that just like many places in Italy, the unique soil in the area is why this process can not be duplicated anywhere else in the world.IMG_6105

Our beautiful drive included a quick stop to see a local Tuscan vineyard and walk amongst the vines. Words cannot do justice to the feelings that manifest when you are surrounded by such beauty and isolation. After our brief detour, we continued onward to the lovely home of our host for the day, Opera in the Kitchen.

Upon our arrival, we were given a tour of the property and the garden where we would be using fresh ingredients for our immersive meal. Our cooking demonstration taught everyone to make Tiramisu, fresh pasta, pesto and ravioli. Everyone had a great time preparing dinner and even more fun eating the fruits of our labor. In addition to being an awesome teacher, our host is also a sommelier and we were treated to a tasting of delicious Prosecco.

After the amazing wine, food and great conversations, we were treated to a private concert. Three very talented performers captivated us all with a private Opera in the home. The music was charged with such emotion and passion, it was like nothing else I’ve ever experienced.

Italy has so much beauty that it has brought into this world. It was amazing to spend a day indulging in all those gifts and connecting with the locals who live their lives with these passions in their hearts. Creative Edge Travel has cultivated something special and different from all the cookie cutter tours. Sierra’s passion for nature, meeting people and connecting with cultures on a deeper level shine through in her tours. Do yourself a favor and let them create your next true Italian experience.


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