Custom Made Watercolor Pet Portraits

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The benefits of having pets is far reaching and long-lasting. Our pets become more then just furry friends, they become our family. As members of our family they deserve to be honored and remembered as any other member of the family, through photos and even art. Gifting a family member or friend a permanent memory of their beloved animal would be the perfect gift this holiday season.

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It is with great pleasure that I introduce a very special artist, Halie French who specializes in capturing pets through water color.

Halie is from Lebanon, Oregon, a small town situated in the beautiful green Willamette Valley. Halie grew up feeling particularly bonded with animals, especially cats. Growing up her mother allowed her to rescue cats throughout her childhood, raising and loving each one dearly. She also discovered art as a child, trying a variety of styles but finding a preference for watercolor.


After the tragic loss of her best friend 4 years ago Halie heavily relied on her art to uplift her during the hardest moments. She continues to use art to bring joy into her life, and into the lives of others, painting on a daily basis.

She is able to find her inspiration in many forms, from artist of the past like Rembrandt, to artists of today like @jongkie on Instagram, to the cats and animals and people she meets. Platforms like Instagram have changed the opportunities for artists like Halie:

“Instagram has been a game changer for me, it has made it possible for me to create art for a living…I’m so grateful that I can create art and share it with the world so easily on Instagram… I love how even a small unknown artist can work hard at their art and get the chance to show the world what they can do. Possibly make a place for themselves in this world”.


Halie can paint most animals on any size canvas, and on occasion even paints people. She is always up for a challenge and has even painted on slate, and saw blades from photographs.

Halie’s original paintings are affordable for any budget and would be the perfect gift for any animal owner. Please visit her website here, follow her on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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