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When we are young, most of us think we are invincible. Things like insurance or all the things that can happen to you while traveling is the last thought on our minds. Any well seasoned traveler can tell you that all the planning in the world will not prepare you for all the unexpected snags that can occur while visiting different countries.

Why should is purchase travel insurance?

If you are anything like Briana and I, then I’m guessing that you like to immerse yourself in the local culture when traveling. This includes eating the local cuisine and dealing with local transport. Even if you’re an all-inclusive type of traveler, you still need to deal with the airlines and eating at least one meal outside of your hotel. Purchasing travel insurance to make sure your vacation isn’t ruined, by mishaps that occur on your trip, is a no-brainer.

Why is World Nomads the best option?

World Nomads has been serving the travel community for nearly 20 years. The company was designed by travelers to create the most comprehensive travel network to suit all your needs. When you compare travel insurance options, its easy to see why World Nomads is trusted by major travel companies such as Lonely Planet. One great feature offered is the option to purchase your insurance at home or after you’ve already started your travel.adventure-altitude-bonnet-939727

I have found myself in a small town in India where it quickly became clear that issues with baggage claim and departure times were likely to occur. I was able to purchase insurance immediately and was covered when my luggage went missing.

World Nomads provides 24/7 emergency assistance in multiple languages. If you need a hospital, you can get on the phone with someone who speaks your native language who will connect you with medical treatment and transportation.access-adult-bluetooth-210647

Need Multi trip travel insurance? How about student travel insurance? They have cheap options to suite whatever needs you may have. It doesn’t matter if you plan for short term stay or will be traveling for months. They can offer a quote that will fit your budget.

What will my insurance cover?

World Nomads offers coverage for 150 activities, ranging from sports and experiences on water, snow, land or in the air. They offer piece of mind if you decide to ski, bungee jump, or scuba dive.

Lost baggage and cancelled flights can quickly make your trip become very expensive. World Nomads offer competitive options, so that you are covered and prepared for anything. They also have options for travel insurance with pre-existing conditions, circumstances vary dependent upon country of residence.

How likely will I need to use my insurance?

Anytime I travel, like everyone else, I hope nothing goes wrong on my trip. Sometimes unforeseen situations arise that are out of your control. That’s when having insurance makes all the difference in the world.

I spent a little over a month traveling through southeast Asia. After spending a week in Laos, we were planning a 2 night stop in Cambodia to visit Angkor Wat. By the time we boarded our departing flight from Laos, I became extremely ill. We arrived late in the evening in Cambodia. I could not keep any food or liquids down and was running a high fever.

I went to the emergency room and was concerned not only about my illness but about the possible treatment. Thankfully, the medical staff were excellent and received immediate authorization from World Nomads to begin my treatment.arms-care-check-905874

Straightaway, I was put on an IV and had a full blood work panel performed. Within a few hours they found that I had contracted dysentery from some food. I received top quality care and didn’t have the stress of paying out of pocket.

We missed our flight and had to book another night at a hotel because of my hospital stay. The combined cost for hospital, airfare and accommodations was thousands of dollars. Thankfully, we only had to pay 3% of the cost and still reamined within our trips budget. We still managed to make it to Angkor Wat and enjoy the rest of our vacation. In spite of my illness, it was one of our best trips thanks to World Nomads.


Beyond insurance

World Nomads has created a forum where over 100,000 travelers from 129 countries can connect and share their collective travel knowledge. The community page of their website is the perfect place to ask questions or offer advice to fellow travelers.

After the 2004 Indian earthquake and tsunami, World Nomads created their philanthropy program “Footprints”. Their program has raised close to 3 million dollars through micro donations by insurance policy purchasers.

World Nomads also offer scholarships in photography, film and writing. World Nomads is investing in travelers and all of our future in a responsible way.achievement-adult-agreement-1061583

I hope you never have to use your travel insurance but it is imperative have it ready in order to protect yourself and the people you care for. Compare travel insurance quotes and read the glowing reviews of World Nomads to see for yourself why they are the top option for all of your travel insurance needs. Get an instant quote today.


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