Holland Windmills De Drie Molens

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Discover the Windmills De Die Molens

In Holland there are as many windmills as there are wooden shoes. How do you choose between all the beautiful options? We’ve been exploring Holland every few months for the last year and have visited 10 cities spread throughout the country. On our most rent trip, we discovered what has been our best Windmill experience to date, De drie molens.

In the suburbs of The Hague, there is a small town named Leideschendam where you will find De drie molens (the three windmills). The mills were built in 1672 to drain what were once swamplands. The windmills are referred to as Driemanspolder Bovenmolen, Middenmolen and Ondermolen. In the early 1900’s, Ondermolen was struck by lighting and burned down. It was rebuilt the following year. The site is owned by South Holland and unfortunately does not offer tours.  You may be wondering “If they don’t do tours, what is so special about them?” Why not visit a more famous windmill? There are several reasons why I recommend this landmark over the countless others.

Lack of Tourist

Of all the windmills we researched, these had the least information available online. We were told about this place by a local Uber driver in The Hague. The day we visited, there was not one other person in sight. The tranquility in the beautiful picturesque landscape make it number one in my book.

Local Road

The road that leads to the windmills, Stompwijkseweg, Its framed by a canal and gorgeous farmland. Occasionaly cars pass through, but its not a busy street and you can enjoy a leisurely stroll while watching all the farm animals graze on the beautiful green pastures.


All the windmills in Holland have cool stories, this one in no exception as I mentioned in the intro. Being able to enjoy something built almost 350 years prior without a swarm of people is pretty amazing.


Highways A4 and A12 connect with the town and there are a number of train stations in the surrounding area. There’s also two tram lines which can be taken direct from The Hague. Rent a bike in downtown Deen haag if you are the active type, it’s only a 35-minute ride.

These Windmills blew us away and we are so glad that we had the place all to ourselves. The surrounding farmlands looks like a Dutch postcard and although you are nearby a main highway, it remains quite and peaceful. Skip the giant tourist trap and visit De drie molens.


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