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Entertaining Guests

As a chef, there is always a level of expectation that I am held to when entertaining guest. Often times, I spend hours preparing lavish meals to impress our friends who pay us a visit. I love to cook but sometimes I want to spend a minimal amount of time but still provide delicious and aesthetically pleasing food. Home Euphoria has helped make this possible.

Cheese Boards

Home Euphoria creates high quality cheese boards that are perfect for entertaining. Whether you are looking to indulge in a multitude of cheeses or create a mixed charcuterie board, Home Euphoria has you covered.P1020080

The boards are equipped with a pull out drawer that house the various cheese knives needed for a proper cheese board. The different knives are perfect for cutting semi-hard and hard cheeses as well as spreading soft cheese. There is a cheese fork included which can be used to serve sliced cheese and is also great for breaking up crumbly cheeses such as feta and blue cheese.P1020085

The cheese board has rounded out grooves that run along the sides and front of the board. These work perfectly as spaces to place breads, nuts, fruit or any other accompaniments without having to worry about them rolling off of the board.P1020090

The bamboo construction makes for durable long lasting boards that can be used to entertain over and over again. Each board is provided with “care” instructions to make sure that they remain in the condition that you receive them in. Home Euphoria also offers a 1-year warranty that you can activate by visiting their website.P1020074

These high quality boards make it easy to put together a professional looking cheese board that you would order at a restaurant. Entertaining guest and leaving them impressed just became a whole lot easier thanks to my beautiful new cheese board. Visit their Instagram page for inspiration on building gorgeous cheese boards of your own. This quality bamboo board can be found on Amazon.

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