How Our Ig Accounts Became Our Main Source of Income

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Our Big Move

A year and a half ago we decided to make a major life change and move to the other side of the world. We share a passion for seeing new parts of the world and always talked about doing it full-time. We saved for years and when the opportunity presented itself, we seized the chance to move abroad. We arrived and starting planning how to make this a sustainable lifestyle.IMG_6376

Before August of 2017, being a digital nomad was not even on our radar. We happened to come across a friends Instagram page and saw that her account had become her primary source of income. It got us to thinking that if she managed to monetize her Instagram account, why couldn’t we.

Setting Goals

We gave ourselves a year to try to grow this side project and see what became of it. The first six months went well but it didn’t look like it was going to be anything more than a hobby. Then we learned the best methods to rapidly grow a targeted audience and monetize our page. Learning these steps changed everything for us.IMG_2967

Sharing our passion with our audience has now become our primary source of income. Anyone who wants to tell a story on IG can do the same. If you want to generate income on Instagram while getting sponsored apparel, accessories, tours and hotel stays, we’ve learned how. You will see immediate increase in your number of followers.

Message us to learn the simple steps to becoming a digital nomad and having the freedom to work from anywhere. You can contact us through Instagram or our facebook.



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