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Island Break Maldives is an amazing destination located on Fulidhoo island. This last January, we were guest and had a wonderful experience. When I recently posted about our experience, I decided to create a separate post to elaborate on their delicious cuisine. To learn more about our overall experience, read here

Served Fresh

My favorite part about the food at Island Break is that everything is served fresh instead of buffet style. I have never been a fan of food that has been sitting out for extended periods of time. This also allows for more flexibility on what time you have your meals. 

Various Options

I believe that it’s silly to visit an island and not eat seafood but everyone has their own preferences and the staff at Island Break are able to accommodate any palette. Chicken and vegetarian options are available for anyone not keen on seafood. For the rest of us seafood lovers, you will have very satisfied bellies during your stay.

Local Specialties

Maldivian cuisine revolves around coconut, seafood and starch (typically rice). The traditional Maldivian breakfast was absolutely delicious and something I plan to replicate at home. The dish consists of minced tuna, onion, peppers, and shredded coconut. It makes for a unique savory delicious flavor that I’ve never had before. It is served alongside an omelet and roti. I should mention that what they call roti is actually what I would consider a flour tortilla. I essentially made myself breakfast burritos every morning with this dish.


One of the options when visiting Island Break is fishing. There is an abundance of aquatic life and they will happily grill up anything that you catch so that you can enjoy the freshest meal. One evening we went tide pooling with the staff and came back with 3 octopi for dinner. Since I am a huge spicy food lover, the manager made us traditional Maldivian Octopus which was delicious and very spicy. 

We had a ton of whole broiled, steamed and grilled fish over the course of our stay. The preparation was minimalistic and the technique was on point. The garlic stuffed grouper was one of my favorite dishes during our stay. 

The various rice dishes that were offered were delicious and well-balanced. Each was topped with a perfectly cooked over-medium egg. On days that we wanted to “fat kid” it up, we enjoyed some of their fried food. Every meal was followed up by fresh cut fruit and the chef always asked to make sure that everything was to our liking.

The portions were a healthy size and left us nice and stuffed until our next meal. There was always a variety of options that kept the food from getting redundant. 

Bottom Line

Island Break Maldives impressed me with the flavors that they achieved in each dish and always left me satisfied. The delicious food is just one of the many reasons that make Island Break a wonderful destination for your next vacation. If you are anything like myself, food can make or break a trip. Visit Island Break for an exciting holiday with the best food you can find on the island.

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