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When I travel to somewhere like Maldives, I do so in order to unplug and forget my worries. Like all beach travel, it’s nice to not to worry about making a mad dash to see all of the sights. Getting sun and enjoying a minimalistic environment is the perfect agenda when visiting Maldives. Island Break, in Vaavu Fulidhoo, provided everything we needed to have a fantastic trip.

Where is it located

Island breakis located on Fulidhoo island, 57 km south of Malé International Airport. The island is unique in that they are one of the few islands without water bungalows or resorts. It takes about ten-minutes to traverse the island and its white sand beaches. Fulidhoo is known for its low-key atmosphere and is a welcomed break from the overtly tourist traps on some of the other islands. Its proximity to Malé makes it easy to access and a perfect place to plan an island vacation.

How to reach it

The two main modes of travel to this island paradise are via ferry and speedboat. The ferry is the cheaper option, costing just 3.50, but it takes 3 ½ hours. The speedboat on the other hand cost 40 and is just a one-hour trip. We opted for the speedboat which was equipped with complimentary bottled water and WIFI.

Dining options

In my experience, places that include meals can be a little under whelming. Nothing could be further from the truth at Island Break. The first tell-tale sign that the food was going to be good is the fact that the do not serve buffet style. The manager informed us that they prefer to serve an al a carte menu so that every guest enjoys freshly prepared dishes. We had a wide array of seafood based dishes.

The chef has worked at some of the popular resorts around Maldives and implemented his passion and knowledge in every dish.  Anyone who has read any of our blog post, or knows me personally, knows that I food is my life. When I have delicious food, it’s difficult for me to not ramble on about it. That having been said, I believe the cuisine that is served at Island Break Maldives warranted its own blog post which you can find here.


There is a wide variety of activities that you can arrange through Island Break. On our first night we indulged in the private beach dinner. The staff sets up a table for two just a few feet from the ocean’s edge. Candles and nearby bonfires created the romantic ambiance that made it a special evening to remember. 

Maldives is known for whale shark migrations and pods of beautiful dolphins. Anyone looking to make a daytrip to view either of these majestic animals can ask the staff to arrange an excursion. 

Snorkeling is a must when visiting Maldives. Fulidhoo is a popular destination for scuba divers and snorkelers alike. We partook in both activities and had the most amazing days swimming with the abundant aquatic life. You can learn more about their snorkeling by clicking here and their scuba adventures by following this link.

They also set up outings for any fishing enthusiast and will grill up anything you catch for you. If there is an activity that they don’t normally offer, they will help make the arrangements with anyone on the island who does offer said activities.

The Rooms

Our room was comfortable, especially the bed, and had everything we needed for an enjoyable visit. Each room is equipped with a mini-fridge and safe to store your valuables. Complimentary bottled water is provided for you to enjoy anytime. The décor is full-on island vibe, complete with coconut tree wood furnishings. The air-conditioner quickly offered relief from the heat after all of our fun in the sun. Complimentary WIFI is provided for up to two devices at a time.

What makes it special

The first thing you notice about Island Break is the extra effort that is taken to make sure you have everything you need. The staff always asked how I was doing and what our plans were for the day. They always offered great suggestions even if it was directing you toward their competitors. It quickly became clear that they were more concerned with our overall experience instead of trying to upcharge us.

We had the opportunity to interact with management and learned that he has been working in the hospitality industry for over 16 years. Three brothers make up the main staff and each of them went above and beyond to ensure that we had a wonderful experience. 

We had plenty of interactions on a daily basis where we learned about future plans for the hotel and prospective new activities. We are eager to return and see what changes have taken place.

Why we recommend it

Because of the nature of our work, we have the opportunity to stay at multiple hotels, hostels, and B&Bs. We can easily identify who is passionate about their work between those who only treat this as a job. People who are passionate create a vibe that puts you at ease and encourages you to interact.

The folks at Island Break are absolutely professional but not uptight or stuffy. Every day was fun and relaxing because of the communication and welcoming nature of everyone who works there. Island Break has cultivated a unique experience while still including all the mainstays you would expect from a visit to Maldives.

In addition to all the fore mentioned reasons of why Island Break is an excellent choice for a Maldives’ vacation, they are also very affordable. Treat yourself to an unforgettable island paradise vacation and book with Island Break Maldives today.


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