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Island Break Maldives has a variety of activities you can take part in while visiting Maldives. We participated in several of these excursions and had great experiences. Snorkeling was one of the highlights that we indulged in on day 2 of our visit. To read about our full experience at Island Break, click here.

Prime Snorkel Location

Snorkeling in Maldives is unreal in large part because of the amazing visibility. For anyone not into scuba diving, snorkeling is a viable option to see the beautiful underwater world. The trip is a few hours long and includes a couple of separate spots. Complimentary snacks and water were provided for us for the duration of the excursion.


One of the many unfortunate byproducts of hurricanes and global warming is the dying coral that you find close to shore. Our trip took us well beyond these points, where we found a plenty of coral that was alive and surrounded by a large variety of fish.

Easy Swim

The current was gentle enough that we essentially just floated along to see the all of the beautiful colors of the sea. The conditions were mild enough to enjoy even if you are not a proficient swimmer.

Shark Point

The highlight of our snorkeling trip was visiting shark point. Some people can be a little frightened at the prospect of swimming with sharks. This was very clear when one of our fellow snorkelers let out an audible yelp as a shark swam right under us. She did not realize that they were nurse sharks and although they can get large, they have no teeth. 

These beautiful gentle fish were a joy to swim with in the emerald waters of the Indian Ocean. We were able to view large clusters of them sleeping together as we swam above. 

Snorkeling is a great way of introducing yourself to the vast world that lies beneath the sea. Island Break Maldives provide an excellent snorkeling trip that we will never forget. Visit Island Break to enjoy all the activities that they provide like our awesome snorkel trip.

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