Lucca and the Comune

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Since we had gathered some forward progress with my permesso di soggiorno  and my fingerprints, we continued to press on with the documentation to establish my residency in Firenze. Being registered with the Comune requires a visit from the police as we’ve mentioned in previous post. Briana’s confirmation of residence happened relatively quickly, unfortunately this was not the case for myself. I spent the following 3 weeks at home waiting for the police to confirm my residency.


I began to feel a little stir crazy being cooped up and unable to leave the house all day. We made the most of our situation and just went out on weekend adventures. The historical walled city of Lucca was one of our exciting excursions.  Luckily Lucca is a short drive away from Firenze, making it perfect for a day trip. Lucca is a beautiful city that deserves its own in depth post that we plan to write in the future.


Time was continuing to fly by and before we knew it, Justin would soon be visiting and Briana would be going to Finland to visit her friend Kristiina.  Shortly before Briana left for her trip she was contacted by the Los Angeles Italian Consulate/Anagrafe office.


It had been almost a year with no contact from them and out of nowhere they were asking for some documentation to update our file. The information they were requesting was related to registering our marriage with the Italian government.  We were both puzzled considering we had been trying to register our marriage with the Comune here in Firenze since March. We had already been sent through a series of bureaucratic hoops to do so, and had not yet been successful.


Briana followed up and produced all the documentation they requested. They notified us that the information was being forwarded to the Comune in Firenze. We had no idea if this would ultimately lead to our marriage officially being registered or not. We consulted our lawyer and he was also unsure, which did not inspire confidence.


It took 2 weeks for our lawyer to get a response from the Comune on where we stood with our marriage registration. Our lawyer called us with some incredible news, my residency been verified without the need of the required police visit and I was now officially a resident of Florence. We also learned that our marriage had officially been accepted and registered by the Comune in Firenze.


Briana is on her way to Finland and I will be seeing my nephew shortly. Now that I no longer have to wait at home for confirmation, I am free to enjoy his visit unimpeded. Another hurdle is behind us and the future is looking bright. We couldn’t be happier.



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