Onward and upward

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Javier and I couldn’t be happier with our new home. How many people get to say they live in a castle in Tuscany, older than the United States? Having accomplished that major hurdle, in less than 3 weeks we mapped out a plan for our next moves. We needed to register with a Comune as soon as possible, physically set up our new home, figure out our car situation, set up Internet, and get my Italian ID to continue our upward movement. Its easy to take everything you have for granted when its widely available to you and dependable.

Traveling to and from IKEA on a bus was an adventure in itself. Not having a car or internet at our house started to weigh heavily on us, figuratively and literally. Our bank transfer to pay for the car was taking much longer than expected, and unfortunately we found that it was not successful. Around this time we obtained an Italian bank account with no freaking Italian ID and it felt like a pure, beautiful miracle.

We were able to quickly transfer the money over for our car, and within 2 days had the property paperwork in our email. The car salesman happily called me stating “Briana, feel free to come and pick up your car. Just make sure you have the insurance and registration paperwork, as well as your Italian ID”. As I recall I crumpled in a pile on the floor when he spoke those words. Once again we were back running in the same hamster wheel we started in, trying to run full speed ahead and getting nowhere.

The salesman explained that the car would be safe and waiting for us on the lot until we could come up with the necessary paperwork. As soon as we received the finalized copies of our rental contract we made our way down to our closest Italian Comune. Thankfully one of the workers spoke enough English to get us through the application and required paperwork and signatures. As we had read online, once the application goes through a policeman will come by your home to verify your residence to complete your registration within the next 10-14 days. Once the police verify my residence, I could then go back to the Comune to get my Italian ID. It felt amazing to hear those words, and to celebrate we had a large meal at our local favorite Pizza e Dintorni.


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