SE Asia Trip 2018: Part 1

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The first time Briana visited SE Asia was back when we first began our romantic relationship in 2013. She had been planning this celebratory trip the whole time she was completing grad school. She traveled from country to country with her sister for over 3 months. They were joined, by Briana’s friend Kristiina, as they explored the region. I had just moved in with Briana and was in no position to take an extended holiday, so I was unable to join her.

I obviously would have liked to join them on such an epic adventure but I knew Briana and I would eventually make the trip together. I was very excited to hear about all the places she had visited and I began to daydream about experiencing them first hand. I was happy that she had such a great experience and I was inspired to get to Asia. I’m pretty sure our kitty, Meka, resented her though.unnamed

5 years later, in the second week of January, Briana and I began our 5-week journey through Southeast Asia. Both family and friends took turns housesitting and caring for Meka while we escaped the cold winter of Italy. We were planning on getting the most out of the time we had available so we hit the ground running and started our trip in Bangkok.

Bangkok caters to the senses, with so much to see and taste, it is a spectacle to behold. On every street you can find food carts with some of the best food I’ve ever eaten anywhere. There is a large graffiti scene that you can see evidence of throughout the city. All the night markets and mega malls have overwhelming options of merchandise to browse. In short there is a ton to see and do. We knew Bangkok was going to be fast pace, which is why we made it our first stop on our journey.

Personally, my favorite part of Bangkok was the food, no surprise there. Our first night we found a small shack that had nothing but locals eating there so we decided to try it. The green curry soup was probably the best meal of the entire trip. Over the course of our trip, we ate that soup 3 more times.

While we were in town we had a chance to collaborate with a food tour company and review their tours. Bangkok food tours fed us some pretty great food. The motor bike tour was a cool way to experience the city because every food stop was in a different zone. We rode all across town on motor bikes, tasting some of the best street food the city has to offer. We also reviewed the Siam Tea Room, located in the Marriot Bangkok Marquis. It was nice to have traditional Thai food in such a fancy setting.

We ate a lot those first few days and managed to see a couple of the big sights the city has to offer. The Grand Palace and the sleeping Buddha are always packed with tourist but you don’t visit Bangkok without stopping at these monuments. The beautiful craftsmanship and architecture are well worth facing the crowds. Between night markets and walking the streets of Bangkok, we experienced a large part of the city.

Bangkok was a free-for-all of great food, night-markets, people watching and foot massages. We had a blast those first 5 days of our trip but were ready relax at our next destination. We were leaving the high energy city life of Bangkok to the chill country life of Luang Prabang, Laos.


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