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Our Experience With Sky Roam

Briana and I just finished a five week journey through SE Asia. We used the opportunity to test out Skyroam Solis, a useful device for anyone on the go.

Skyroam offers portable WiFi without needing a SIM card or worrying about data usage. The device is designed for day pass purchases, allowing 24hrs of unlimited use for up to 5 devices. Skyroam recently launched a new monthly plan but since we used day passes that is what we will be covering.

Using a Secure Network

One of our largest concerns when traveling is secure internet access wherever we may visit. Briana does remote clinical case work with children and deals with sensitive materials that need protection. Managing our blog, various social media platforms and YouTube channel also requires staying connected to WiFi.

Whenever you are using free WiFi at various hotspots like the airport, coffee shops or restaurants, unfortunately they are not secure networks. You can easily find yourself the victim of identity theft if you are not cautious.

Where Can I Use Skyroam?

Skyroam provides a secure personal hotspot in over 140+ different countries, making it an ideal travel accessory. When we first landed in Thailand and I saw that unsecured hotspots required your passport number, I was glad we had brought Skyroam on this trip.

We successfully connected to WiFi throughout Laos,Thailand,Cambodia and Malaysia using Skyroam. It allowed us the freedom to stay connected our entire trip and the piece of mind of a secure connection when doing work and online banking transactions.

Anyone familiar with travel knows that flights are often delayed and sometimes host are not available at the agreed upon check-in times. Skyroam helped us deal with those unexpected issues that occur when traveling. On a day when we had a 12 hour flight delay with only two free hours of airport WiFi available, skyroam kept us connected. We had several host that were nowhere to be found when we arrived to our accommodations, but with our portable WiFi we were able to reach them.

Wifi & Powerbank

Skyroam is a travelers dream come true but can also be invaluable even if you are not traveling. If you are like Briana and do all your work online or maybe you like to type up notes while having coffee at your local shop, having a personal hotspot is a life saver. Another great feature is that your skyroam device actually doubles as a power bank, helping to prevent your phone from dying.

Skyroam helped us make this trip as hassle-free as anyone would want a vacation to be. It helped us stay connected and engaged with our audience, allowing us to post live streams and instagram stories everywhere we journeyed.

Being avid travelers, we are grateful for this successful trial of Skyroam Solis because it will help facilitate our nomadic lifestyle. This amazing device will be joining us on all our future adventures. You can find your new Skyroam Solis here  and receive 10% off your purchase.

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