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As many of our readers already know, Instagram has become our main source of income, which means that a presence on the platform is a necessity. As our accounts have grown, the need to stay connected with our followers has become increasingly important. Engaging regularly is one key part to maintaining successful Instagram accounts. Tailwind has streamlined the process for us because of the various services that they offer.

After we kept reading testimonials, praising the time-saving functionality of the site, we joined Tailwind’s free trial. Tailwind’s free trial offers 100 Pinterest pins and 30 Instagram posts. We decided to give it a try and immediately starting seeing the benefit within the first week.

Tailwind Auto-Posting

Shortly after we signed up with Tailwind, they rolled out their auto-post feature. This allows Tailwind to post to Instagram business profiles on your behalf. Since Tailwind is Partnered with both Pinterest and Instagram, they have permissions to post. They abide by the respective terms of both companies. We spend one afternoon scheduling our posts for the entire next month. Writing a caption for our daily posts had become a bit daunting for us. By writing up every caption one day, we were able to write more meaningful descriptions for our posts without it being forced. Not everyone will want to work on a month’s worth of posts in one day, but it was very helpful for us. By preparing content for the entire next month, we were able to enjoy our anniversary vacation without worrying about a drop in our engagement or our visibility.

Smart Scheduling

Tailwind interprets your analytics to suggest a posting schedule. You are given the option to generate a smart schedule that allows you to post based on times that you typically get the most engagement. Not only did this help us to post consistently at peak times, whether we were traveling or otherwise occupied, it made creating posts easier and more efficient.

Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 3.02.05 PM

New-and-Improved Hashtag Finder

If you are anything like myself, you have probably created a note with hashtags that you can then copy and paste into your post to save time. Tailwind has made the process much simpler and time effective with their hashtag finder. Why is this so beneficial? Using their finder will help ensure that your hashtags are current and relevant to your post.

Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 1.47.32 PM

When you are scheduling your post, as you write the caption, smart hashtags appear and refresh as you type. With their new-and-improved finder, you will get fresh selections of hashtags for every post. These hashtags are color-coded to reflect if they are niche specific and their popularity. Hover your cursor above each hashtag to see the number of times it’s been used on Instagram. In the hashtag finder, you also have the option to create hashtag lists that can save you time.

Relevant hashtags raise our visibility with our target audience. The improvements to the hashtag finder have made discovering new hashtags with every post as simple as clicking a button.

Schedule Stories

Instagram stories are a great way to connect with your audience and stay engaged. Thankfully Tailwind now provides automatic scheduling for stories, and even offers recurring story posts such as giveaways and contests, which are known to extend your reach and attract new followers. When I know I have a busy week approaching and won’t have the time to post stories, I schedule them in advance to maintain a presence on Instagram.

Tailwind Insights

Tailwind provides useful data so you can track the activity and performance of your account. I always examine my weekly engagement and daily growth. This helps me to establish patterns to ensure that my account is at peak performance. I can also identify trends with my content to see what post are getting the highest engagement. I can search trends by hashtags, keywords, date, etc.

User Friendly

The site is easy to navigate and every page has a help icon that can answer various question at a click of a button. Some of my best photos are stored in hard drives or on my desktop. In the past I sent pictures to my phone in order to post on Instagram. This became a slow and inefficient method of posting my pics. Now, I can click and drag any of these photos directly into the publisher draft area of my tailwind account straight from my desktop. Worried about the aspect ratio of your photo? Tailwind has an integrated cropping tool in the publisher section of the site.

Multiple Accounts

You can have multiple Instagram and Pinterest accounts signed up with Tailwind under the same sign-in name. It makes switching between accounts and scheduling post seamless. Tailwind makes it possible to cross post in Pinterest directly from your Instagram scheduler. Any new Instagram posts can be posted in the Pinterest board of your choosing by clicking the “amplify with Pinterest” option at the bottom of each Instagram draft. There is also the option to choose a default Pinterest board that all your future Instagram content can be redirected to. We have both Pinterest and Instagram accounts signed up with Tailwind and it has saved us an enormous amount of time.

Bottom Line

Everyone has different goals for their Instagram page. Users can range from small businesses looking to extend their customer base, to professionals looking to network or just someone looking to connect with people around the world who share the similar passions. The more consistently you are active at peak engagement hours, the more your account will flourish. Tailwind’s integrated tools make it easy to achieve both.

Having a thriving account should not only be attainable by spending all day on that platform. In the real world, not everyone has that kind of free time on their hands. Tailwind helps you use the time you spend on Pinterest and Instagram efficiently by allowing you to plan ahead. In the last few months, Tailwind has launched auto-posting, schedules stories, cross posting and most recently, their hashtag finder 2.0. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next.


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