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In all the years that I’ve worked in the food service industry, I have often dreamt of a platform in which I could reach more people with my food. I’ve often found inspiration with chefs like Anthony Bordain, who travel and eat for a living. I knew that I wanted to inspire these same feelings about food from around the world but in a way that is more accessible to everyday people.

The reality is that not everyone has the opportunity to travel around the globe and embark on food adventures. While living vicariously through celebrity chefs is something many of us has done, I felt that it wasn’t enough. Rather than just talking about all the amazing meals I’ve had while traveling, I wanted to bring these meals into people’s homes.

These days, both network and youtube cooking shows are a dime a dozen and the oversaturation can make it hard to stand apart from the rest. I knew that not being a famous restaurateur and not having corporate funding would provide challenges in capturing the attention of the masses but that has not detoured me from my overarching goal.

If someday I was able to gain sponsorship for seeking out new foods, I would be overjoyed but that is not the driving force behind my channel. I want to make all the amazing food this world has to offer more accessible to anyone who enjoys trying new things. Growing up in Los Angeles, there was no shortage of restaurateurs from around the globe. I always made it a point to work for as many of them as possible to learn the intricacies of their respective cuisines.

In the last few years, I’ve had the opportunity to travel more and taste many of my favorite dishes from their sources. This has allowed me to hone my skills and learn ways to recreate these recipes at home. I have an overwhelming sense of gratitude that I have had these experiences and want to share these benefits with others. I’m not interested in bragging about everything I eat when traveling, I’d rather share how to recreate these food experiences.

My YouTube channel is aimed to help anyone, who is willing to put in a little effort, enjoy all the authentic cuisine this world has to offer without having to leave home. I invite longtime cooking enthusiast and novices alike to embark on this culinary journey to Taste The Globe.



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