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Dutch Food

The Pantry has become our number one choice for Dutch food whenever we visit Amsterdam. One of the many things the city is known for is great food. There are endless dining options in Amsterdam, but you should not leave the city without trying a traditional Dutch meal. Dutch food is very heavy and rich, in part because of the cold climate. After trying several restaurants throughout the city, we think that The Pantry stands apart.


Those unfamiliar with Dutch food may not be aware of the variety of delicious Dutch croquettes. Bitterballen is a pureed beef croquette with a hint of curry powder seasoning. There are also shrimp croquettes and creamy goat cheese croquettes. All of them have wonderful contrasting textures, creamy in the center with a crunchy exterior.  The croquettes are fantastic but the star of the show is the hutspots.


Hutspots can best be compared to a fancy Shepard’s pie. The mashed potato base usually has veggies such as caramelized onion and carrots blended together. It is layered with your choice of a large meatball or sausage and then smothered in gravy, and it is amazing. The dish is surprisingly well balanced considering the richness and bold flavors. You taste each individual flavor in every bite.

The restaurant also has delicious stew, fish dishes, fondue and a tasty beer menu. If you are looking for package deals, they offer fixed priced menus that include an appetizer, entrée and dessert.

I have not had a bad meal there to date, in all the times I have visited. The consistency and friendly service will keep me coming back for years to come. Next time you are in town and are feeling indulgent, visit the Pantry, the number one Dutch food option in town.


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