The Best Tacos in Tulum

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Antojitos La Chiapaneca

The “best” taco place in Tulum may be an opinion, but it’s a very popular one. Between my wife and I, we’ve been to Tulum several times. Every visit we ask locals who sells the best tacos and overwhelmingly we get the same response Antojitos La Chiapaneca. We continue to return to this little taqueria for the al pastor and are consistently pleased. Here’s my case for why I believe these are the best tacos in Tulum.

Al Pastor

This place serves the best al pastor I’ve ever tasted anywhere. They roast it traditionally and slice off a layer at a time, to order, along with roasted pineapple. It’s savory and smokey with a hint of acidic sweetness from the pineapple.IMG_5052

Homemade Tortillas

They have someone working whose sole function is to pump out delicious tortillas to keep up with the constant flow of customers. The corn variety are the perfect size and taste great. The flour tortillas are slightly larger, light, fluffy and just as tasty as the corn.



Good salsa is such an important component of a good taco. They have several varieties but the light red was my favorite. Be forewarned that this salsa is very spicy, It’s “I’m Mexican and was still sweating bullets” spicy. They use habanero which is super flavorful but also has a ton of capsaicin (the active compound in chili). A couple of drops is all you need to enjoy this wonderful combination of flavors.IMG_4933

Taste can be subjective but the techniques employed at this stand are impressive. The meat is made ridiculously tender without drying out or tasting over cooked. The marinade used has a layering of flavors that hits your palette with salty, sweet, and tangy taste that are very well balanced. The minimalistic approach employed for their salsa and tortillas are straight forward and delicious. As a lifelong taco lover and all around enthusiast, I highly recommend what I believe to be the best tacos in Tulum.


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