The White Truffle festival of San Miniato al Tedesco

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A Tradition Since 1969

The white truffle festival of San Miniato has been an annual event since 1969. These hills are where the largest white truffle in world was found, placing the small town in the Guinness book of world records. In recent years it has gained international fame, drawing visitors from around the globe. The medieval town host activities and food stands throughout its streets. Chefs from abroad as well as local restaurateurs showcase their skills in exhibitions featuring the sought after delicacies that are white truffles. The events take place the last 3 weekends of November and there are numerous activities to participate in.

The Truffle Hunt

Local truffle hunters offer paid packages in which you can join them and their dogs on the hunt. Prices vary, as does the length of the hunts. You can find bilingual tours and at the end of the hunt, the truffles are retained by the hunters.IMG_1902

Food Samples

10 -15 food vendors participate in sample bundles in which you purchase a book of tickets and taste samples from all the food stalls. You will find everything from cheeses, breads, wine and escargot. Portions are small enough for you to enjoy everything without being overly stuffed.

Food Stalls

You can find everything you could imagine here. Some highlights include freshly prepared cannoli, truffle spreads on crostini and delicious Panini.

Local Goods

Pickled vegetables, pesto, truffle spreads, honey, aged balsamic and anchovy mixes were just some of the many jarred items available for purchase to enjoy at home.


The highlight of the festival is the highly coveted truffles, available for purchase in various stalls. These delicacies are kept behind glass cases for your viewing pleasure. Prices vary greatly according to the size of the truffle. The stands themselves are easy to find, just look for the largest crowds.

The festival has something for everyone, including a children’s interactive play area. You can take a helicopter ride from the base of the hill to its peak or ride the much cheaper bus shuttles included in the price of admission (3,50). Whatever event you are excited for, make sure to bring your appetite… you are going to need it.




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