Trattoria Sergio Gozzi: Authentic Tuscan Cuisine

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A Florentine Tradition for 100 Years

Trattoria Sergio Gozzi has been serving patrons delicious Tuscan food since they first opened their doors in 1915. The Gozzi brothers, Andrea and Alessandro, are the 4th generation to run this Florentine landmark. They have stayed true to their roots and employ the same techniques and approach as their forebears. A favorite of locals, the tratttoria is referred to as “da Sergio” by the patrons that have lunch there everyday.IMG_3423

The décor is reminiscent of the era in which it was first opened. Hand written menus and guest interactions on a first name basis is part of the charm you discover when paying them a visit. This popular lunchtime eatery is located directly across from San Lorenzo. In spite of its proximity to popular tourist attractions, “da Sergio” remains a “locals only” restaurant amongst the sea of tourist traps. They have cultivated a very loyal customer base because of the consistency throughout their long storied history and of course, because of their delicious food.IMG_4580

Andrea manages the front, making sure everything runs smoothly and guest have everything they need. Alessandro is the chef, preparing the ever changing menu along with a few of their famous staples. The respect for tradition is evident when you experience the simplistic approach to their cuisine. The level of restraint and finesse used in their food preparation, allows every individual flavor to shine through.  The owners use only the freshest ingredients, purchased daily at the nearby Mercato San Lorenzo. The same families of butchers and fish mongers, respectively, have been providing their fish and meats since the very beginning and continue to do so to this day.

Tuscan classics such as “Ribollita” and the “Coniglio”, stuffed rabbit, are where Trattoria Gozzi truly shines. Andrea tells me the “Peposo” happens to be his favorite, a delicious slow braised beef in a peppercorn, red wine and tomato sauce. Meat lovers will delight in the famous “Bistecca alla Fiorentina”, a massive steak with weights starting at 1 kilo. All their pastas are always cooked to perfection and are delicious.

Great food and great prices make this a very popular place to eat lunch. Da Sergio only keeps lunch-hours and they do not take reservations.  Make sure your name is added to the signup sheet when you arrive. Andrea provides you with an estimated wait time when you enter but things move along relatively quickly. Even on the busiest day, your food experience will be well worth the wait. If you are looking for a truly authentic Florentine experience, visit this family business that embodies the true spirit of Tuscan cuisine.



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