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Do you struggle when packing for a big trip? We have our picks for travel accessories that will help make your next vacation a great one.

If travel has taught us anything, it’s that careful planning and the proper accessories will make all the difference when exploring somewhere new. Below are our top picks for travel accessories that has helped us kick-start our travel season.


As many of you know, we now work full-time as digital nomads. This means that whenever we are traveling, we are also working. This makes our ability to staying connected on multiple devices a necessity. Nimble portable power bank helped to ensure that everything was always charged and ready to go.

The device has 4 outgoing USB ports and holds enough charges to power an average smart phone 10x. The charger is durable and was invaluable when we were traveling on islands powered solely by generators. It’s fast charging is perfect for any USB powered device.

Also from Nimble, the wireless charger is a great tool with multiple benefits. Simply place your compatible phone on the charger without having to plug it in. It can charge up to two devices at once and boast the fastest charging speeds. It works with most non-metallic cases.

As a company Nimble works in a responsible way to reduce their environmental impact. Their products are made from plant based bio-plastics and organic hemp. They ship their products with 100% no plastic packaging.

With every purchase, a prepaid return envelope is included at no extra cost. Customers can use this to send old or damaged electronics to their e-waste partner for safe and responsible recycling. Get $10 off with purchase of $39.95 here.

Waves Gear

We are happy to have had the opportunity to test some of the accessories that Waves Gear offers, when we traveled to Maldives. Waves Gear offers a great selection of outdoor accessories whether you are traveling in cold or hot climates. 

Their floating sunglasses are by far the coolest beach accessory and has been invaluable. Anyone who likes to wade in the water or spend time relaxing in a pool will appreciate the stylish polarized glasses that not only look cool, but actually float.

I’ve had several pairs of sunglasses that never survived an outing on the water. These glasses provide piece of mind and the polarized protection from UVA and UVB rays. Best of all they are very light-weight which places them on our list of must-haves.

Staying hydrated when you’re traveling is a top priority. Being hydrated helps fight jet-lag and provides the fuel to get out and explore. The Forever Cold Water Bottle will keep your water ice-cold for over 24-hours. The bottle is stainless steel and has an insulated cap that locks in the temperature and prevents spills.

We used this everyday we were on the beach and loved that every sip was as cold as when we filled it. Waves Gear Forever Cold Water Bottles will be joining us for all our future trips.

Waves Gear Travel Towel was something we were eager to try out. Typical towels are bulky and take forever to dry. Sometimes hotels don’t provide towels that are as absorbent or soft as what we prefer. These towels solve all these issues.

The microfiber material is soft to the touch and they take up to 78% less room traditional towels. The towels are ultra absorbent and can be wrung out to use again. Our towels dried so quickly that we never had to wait around before hitting the beach again.

Kawartha Quality Outdoor 

Kawartha Quality Outdoor Goods manufacture Campkins, a reusable paper-towel alternative. Whether you are camping, at the beach or in the outdoors in general, Campkins are a great way to limit your eco-footprint.

The versatile microfiber can be used as a napkin, small towel, sun protection, bandage, etc. When you are outdoors, you never know when you may need to wipe something clean/dry. The multi-use functionality and small size of the Campkin makes it a no brainer for any travelers who plan on being outdoors.

Trtl Pillows 

Trtl Pillows have made their debut across social media and they are becoming more and more popular because they work wonderfully.

Briana generally has difficulties falling asleep. Sleeping on airplanes has always been a major issue for her, leaving her jetlagged upon arrival.  Her Trtl Pillow allowed her to take naps on our most recent trip, without hurting her neck or back.

The pillow can be used in multiple positions, supporting your neck from whatever angle feels the most comfortable. The Velcro strap made it easy to adjust, and we attached to the outside of our carry-on baggage so it didn’t take up any space. After seeing the amazing results Briana had, our Trtl Pillows will be joining us all all future travel.

Every time we take a new trip, we strive to travel smarter and more efficiently. All of the fore mentioned products came in handy and we are excited to put them to use during future trips.

We hope you get the opportunity to try them all out for yourselves and see first hand why they made our travel accessory list.


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